Enabling people to share their verified academic records
world wide.

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Digitary is a world leader in digital certification of
academic achievements.

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Education providers combat fraud by using Digitary.

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Trusted by the world’s leading universities.

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Millions of records shared
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Digital Credentials for Lifelong Learning

Digitary enables millions of people to share their verified digital credentials and academic achievements online securely, quickly and easily.

Trust Digitary for secure online credentials!

"We were pleased to be among the first Australian universities to roll out My eQuals powered by Digitary (...)"

Neil Robinson, Head, Operational Performance, Chief Operating Officer Portfolio  University of Melbourne
Neil Robinson, Head, Operational Performance, Chief Operating Officer Portfolio

Online issuing of degrees, transcripts and more…

Digitary helps legitimate education providers to give their learners an unparalleled experience.

We do this by allowing institutions to issue digitally certified degree certificates, transcripts and other sensitive documents online. Currently, the world’s top education providers use Digitary to issue documents, with thousands more around the world, who accept Digitary-issued credentials in their admissions processes.

If you are an accredited University, institution or issuing body, enquire to find out how we can save you up to 83% of your administration time.

Share verified degrees and digital records 24/7

Learners can access and share their Digital Credentials including; certificates, transcripts, diploma supplements, Higher Education Achievement Reports (HEARs) and Australian Higher Education Graduation statements (AHEGs) online 24/7 – a 100% self-service model.

They can simply login to Digitary and see all of their certified documents. We enable learners to share their documents with anyone via an email-link or social profile post, and set a time limit on how long specific people can view them.

Instant online verification for third parties

Digitary removes the need for employers, recruiters and other professionals to obtain consent forms and/or perform verification enquiries!

A learner’s verified digital credentials are sent directly to professionals by the learner themselves, with their full consent, and these can be verified in a single click, with no sign up required.

Regular verifiers can avail themselves of more advanced features, including a dedicated verification inbox, or integration with legacy systems using Digitary’s API. Larger Digitary users also benefit from our international integration with partners in China, the US, UK, and EU.