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Digitary helps almost a million individuals to access and share their digitally certified records online with employers, education providers, governments, and other third parties, making it easier for employers and others to verify their backgrounds and achievements.



Digitary is used by over 65 of the world’s leading educational institutions to issue transcripts, parchments, and other official academic documents to their students and graduates online. In doing so, they streamline operations, reduce costs, and provide a vastly enhanced student experience. 2 million student documents issued to date.



Thousands of employers, education providers and government agencies around the world trust Digitary. Verify the achievements of students and graduates online with a single click. Reduce your verification overheads today. Digitary is used by several fortune 500 companies, the world’s top 10 universities and government agencies to verify credentials every day.

Issue Degrees, Transcripts and more

Digitary helps legitimate education providers to give their students an unparelled experience. We do this by allowing institutions to issue digitally certified degree certificates, transcripts and other sensitive documents online. Currently over 65 of the world’s top education providers use Digitary to issue documents, with thousands more who accept Digitary-issued credentials in their admissions processes. If you are an accredited University, institution or issuing body, find out more about how we can save you up to 83% of your administration time.


Verified digital records 24/7

Students and graduates can access and share their digital certificates, transcripts, diploma supplements, HEARs, AHEGs or TEQs online 24/7 – a 100% self-service model. Just login to Digitary and see all of your certified documents waiting for you. Share with others using a link, post the award to your social profile, or set a time limit on how long specific people can view it.


Instant online verification

Digitary removes the need for employers and recruiters to obtain consent forms and/or perform verification enquiries! Verified records are sent directly to you by individuals, with their full consent, and these can be verified in a single click with no sign up required! Regular verifiers can avail of more advanced features including a dedicated verification inbox, or integration with legacy systems using Digitary’s API. Larger Digitary users also benefit from our international integration with partners in China, the US, UK, and EU.


Customer Testimonials

Digitary has allowed us to provide our graduates with the documents they need in a secure and accessible format using state of the art technology. It has transformed the service we offer them.- Simeon Underwood (London School of Economics, Former Academic Registrar and Director)
The popularity of Digitary amongst our graduates grows each and every year. As global citizens the service provides them with great mobility by having a digital wallet of their ANU credentials with them wherever their careers or further studies may take them, while providing ANU reassurance that our qualifications remain secure and easily certified.- Mark Erickson (Australian National University, Registrar, Student Administration)
Digitary has transformed the way we deliver documents at the Manchester University, as well as speeding up and improving the quality of the service we give to our alumni it has also helped in securing and protecting our brand.- Mike Mercer (Manchester University, Head of Student Services Delivery)

*The Times Higher Education World University Rankings