Digitary VIA (Verified International Applicants)

Digitary VIA (Verified International Applicants)

Digitary VIA (Verified International Applicants)

Digitary VIA (Verified International Applicants) enables international applicants to obtain an independently verified digital record of their academic history.

Academic records are verified and evaluated by an internationally trusted, expert credential evaluation team. Verified records are stored in your Digitary wallet, where you control the sharing of your records and can re-use them when applying for further study and/or employment. Accelerate your application!

What are the benefits for Applicants?

  • Enable your application to fast-track with verified digital academic records
  • Access your verified academic documents in your Digitary wallet anywhere, any time
  • Re-use for applications to other institutions and enhance employment opportunities
  • Evaluations for interim qualifications, updated with qualifications upon completion

How does this help your application? 
The journey through application and assessment for admission into university can be a complex and timely process. Streamlining your application with the provision of verified documents through a trusted provider may help accelerate the process. Digitary VIA offers a range of benefits and can assist with the admissions assessment and evaluation process.

What are the benefits for Admissions?

  • Trusted and accepted means of verified academic records
  • A streamlined approach to enhance evaluation process
  • Digitally verified academic documents improves application assessment
  • Faster and more informed decision-making

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