Launched in Dublin, Ireland in 2005, Digitary has grown to become digital credential experts and a leading online platform for certifying, sharing, and verifying academic credentials.

The world’s most respected higher education providers use Digitary to eliminate credential fraud, improve service levels, and increase efficiencies.

Learner-centric since the very beginning, Digitary enables millions of learners to access their verified achievements 24/7 and to share them with others, securely, quickly, and easily.

Digitary enables instant verification of records with full Learner consent, maintaining regulatory compliance and eliminating the hassle of manual verification.

It’s no wonder that Digitary is used by organisations in over 135 countries.

With a stellar reputation for successful, scaled programme delivery and consistently excellent service levels, we enjoy exceptional customer relationships and we take pride in the good name we have worked hard to build for more than a decade and a half.

At Digitary, we combine a uniquely knowledgeable and experienced team with the agility and energy of a start-up, and we present in a refreshingly authentic and no-nonsense style.

The fact that our first customers continue to work with us after more than a decade speaks volumes.

Talk to us today about digital badges and microcredentials technology, SSI, digital credentialing, how to certify and issue documents remotely, understand the process to verify academic records and much more. 


Where it all started – Ireland & the UK

It all started for Digitary at the University of Limerick (UL), Ireland, in 2005, when we implemented the world’s first learner-centric solution to verify degree certificates, transcripts and European Diploma Supplements.

The positive impact of Digitary was immediate – students and graduates could easily access and share their verified achievements online 24/7, without the University having to get involved in the process. University administrators were able to spend their time on more valuable things than issuing paper transcripts, while employers got immediate degree verification with the full consent of the graduate.

We could say more, but the fact that our very first customers are still with Digitary more than a decade and a half later speaks volumes. Now, most publicly-funded higher education institutions in Ireland happily use Digitary, as do some of the top UK Universities, including University of Cambridge, University of Manchester, and London School of Economics.

Australia New Zealand – the biggest roll-out in our sector

Further afield, Digitary developed Australia’s first digitally signed AHEGS, Testamur (degree certificate), and transcript for the Australian National University (ANU) in 2010.

ANU’s experience with Digitary over the following six years was so positive that it helped cement Digitary’s reputation Down Under.

In 2016, Digitary was chosen over all of its competitors to become the technology platform for My eQuals – a regional platform used by all 47 publicly-funded Universities in Australia and New Zealand.

We’re very proud of this one, too – not only because we were the chosen vendor, but because we delivered the entire programme on-time and within budget, and a positively transformational impact along with it.

Championing digital standards internationally

As one of the first signatories to the Groningen Declaration Network (GDN), the Digitary team continues to invest time and energy to pursue its vision of empowering learners and streamlining digital student mobility.

We have partnered with fellow GDN signatories including CSSDCollegeNETPESCEducational Perspectives, and Educational Credential EvaluatorsWe continue to contribute our vision and perspective, based on our unique knowledge and experience gained through over 15 years of hard work, to the evolving conversations at the GDN regarding the digital credentialing landscape.


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We are pleased to announce that Digitary and Parchment have become one global organisation.

Digitary will continue to operate with its current brand, technology, team, and unique national network partnership model. 

Our two companies share a common mission to help turn credentials into opportunities.  We both believe that the learner — the credential holder — is the ultimate motivation for and impact of our work.

By Digitary being brought into Parchment, we will have greater ability to help make credentials more actionable for learners — more effective at accessing enrolment or employment opportunities.




Digitary was selected by The Association of the Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC) as the solution provider for the Made for Canada National Network.

Utilising Digitary proprietary credentialing platform, the Canadian higher education community will create the very first online platform and national credential wallet for post-secondary learners. Once fully operational, the Network will enable 3 million learners across Canada to access and share their official digitized post-secondary transcripts and credentials online – anytime, anywhere.

Digitary opens a Canada office incorporating Digitary Canada Inc. 

Digitary launches Digitary Badges and immediately signs a deal with HES on the pre-purchase of 20 badges implementations for My eQuals to be rolled out in 2020.  




Digitary further expands its senior leadership team and continues to increase its R&D to deliver on groundbreaking new capabilities for 2019.

Digitary appoints a Manager for Canada to assist with Digitary’s growth into the North American region.

Digitary makes rapid progress on its data and open standards strategy in Q1, with the development of Digitary’s Learner data model and support for PESC XML transcripts over the EdExchange platform. 




Representing a monumental success for the participating Universities, Higher Ed Services (HES) and Digitary, My eQuals, powered by Digitary, is successfully delivered on time and within budget to Australian and New Zealand Universities in October 2018.

Digitary adds COO and CTO to the Leadership team and now has representation in Dublin, Ireland; Melbourne, Australia. Bologna, Italy and New Delhi, India.  

Over two million academic records are now issued through Digitary and verifications have taken place in over 125 countries.

The Certifile(TM) service, provided by CollegeNET and powered by Digitary and Educational Perspectives, helps streamline the admissions process for international applicants from over 80 countries as they apply to top US universities including Stanford, Georgia Tech, and Cornell.




The shared platform powered by Digitary, My eQuals successfully launches in April 2017 on time, with four Australian and New Zealand pilot universities. Universities continue to be on-boarded according to schedule in a phased manner through 2017.

SEEK, the largest employment marketplace in Australia, acquires a minority stake in Digitary. Digitary’s long-term UK and Irish customers continue to migrate to the Digitary CORE platform.

DigitaryCollegeNET and Educational Perspectives launch an enhanced service enabling US Universities to receive verified academic records from any international applicant applying to study in the US. This is successfully piloted with Stanford University and subsequently rolled out to 19 additional US Universities via CollegeNET.




Digitary beats global competition to secure the tender for My eQuals, a regional digital credentialing solution for all 47 publicly-funded Australian and New Zealand Universities. Project commences in October 2016.

Digitary successfully completes a technology integration with CHESICC, the only agency of the Chinese Ministry of Education able to process learner information there.  This integration enables admissions offices to receive verified academic records from Chinese applicants through Digitary.




Digitary releases its cloud-based, feature-rich platform, Digitary CORE.

Digitary successfully completes a technology integration with CollegeNET Inc, a leading US provider of online admissions application systems serving 400 US Universities. The project enables international applicants to attach Digitary-certified records to their applications for admission to US Universities.



Digitary wins competitive tender to implement its enterprise credentialing solution for a consortium of UK Universities via the Digital Academic Records Exchange (DARE) project, in addition to supporting its other UK-based customers including University of Cambridge, University of Manchester, and London School of Economics.



Digitary employs fiscally smart measures that successfully carry the business through the Global Financial Crisis, without dips in business service and customer support.



Representing its first sector-wide rollout, Digitary successfully delivers its pioneering enterprise credentialing solution for all 14 Irish Institutes of Technology, on time and within budget.



After three years of R&D building the first version of Digitary’s platform, University of Limerick (UL) becomes Digitary’s first customer delivering the world-first cryptographically signed degree certificates, transcripts, and European Diploma Supplements to UL learners.