My eQuals & Digitary Digital Badges

Jul 29, 2020


Higher Ed Services and Digitary welcome onboard the first ten My eQuals participants across Australia and New Zealand to provide digital badges capability for recognition of micro-credentials.

Today in a joint statement, Higher Ed Services (HES) and Digitary congratulate The University of Newcastle, The University of Queensland, The University of Western Australia, The University of Auckland, University of Canterbury, University of Waikato, Monash University, Federation University, University of the Sunshine Coast, and Massey University as the first ten participants officially implementing digital badges through the My eQuals platform.

The ten institutions are adopting digital badges as part of their progressive micro-credentialing strategies and recognition of student achievements, in a move to further support their students lifelong learning journey and enhance the learning experience.

Digital badges are frequently associated with micro-credentials and are increasingly being used globally to fully articulate and recognise skills and achievements, supplementing official academic awards.

Powered by Digitary, the badges technology is an additional capability available to all users of both My eQuals and Digitary CORE platforms. This enhanced functionality for My eQuals offers tertiary learners in Australia and New Zealand a single repository for their verified official documents and digital badges, recognising both formal and non-formal learning experiences.

 Digital Badges are based on the Open Badges standard, stewarded by IMS Global Learning Consortium, which promotes the vision of portability. The solution utilises the Badgr engine, an open source badging platform leveraged by international organisations, and ensures compliance with the most up-to-date Open Badges specification.

Institutions have the opportunity to use digital badges as a digitally secure means of recognising the skills and achievements of learners, helping to provide comprehensive recognition of skills gained and supporting future employment success.

 Learners are able to access all their official credentials and awarded badges within the My eQuals platform and share these digital credentials with third parties supporting further study and employment.

The My eQuals platform enables Australian and New Zealand tertiary education students and graduates to access their official digital certificates, transcripts and supporting academic documents; and share them with employers, education providers or other parties.

“Federation University is excited to be adding digital badging to My eQuals, providing our students with a one stop shop for their achievement during their studies to share with their networks and on their profiles. We look forward to releasing our first badges for existing programs in the near future and to releasing further badges as we continue to develop new strategic solutions to promote skills acquisition and in co-curricular and curricular micro-credentialing, that can be used as both standalone items or as part of a credit application for further studies. Claire Shaw, University Registrar, Federation University

“As the first university to go live with My eQuals in 2017, The University of Auckland is proud to be a lead supporting institution of the platform, and excited to bring Digital Badges capabilities to our students through My eQuals. Digital badging provides an opportunity for our institution to recognise the achievements and accomplishments of students in a modern way. We expect to develop and issue badges across a number of themes, including: Achievement, Professional Development, Co-curricular experiences and Milestones. The first badges to be issued by The University of Auckland, will be Achievement badges to denote completion of a micro-credential.” Joanna Browne, Director Academic Services, The University of Auckland

“UWA is really excited to be implementing Digital Badges through My eQuals to formally recognise co-curricular and experiential learning activities of our students. My eQuals has transformed the way we certify and issue academic documents; and is extremely well-received by students, graduates and employers. UWA sees the opportunity to combine Digital Badges into our students My eQuals records, sitting alongside their official academic documents, as a natural progression of student recognition.” Di Regan-Roots, Senior Manager, Service Innovation and Performance, The University of Western Australia

 “Higher Ed Services and My eQuals are proud to empower the education providers in ANZ with a secure, trusted digital badging solution. This functionality is available to all My eQuals participants and today we are delighted to welcome our first ten partners onboard as they progress their micro-credentialing strategy.”  Jay Segeth, Program Director, My eQuals

“We are thrilled to welcome onboard the ten My eQuals participants from across Australia and New Zealand. The demand for digital solutions to support and empower learners has never been greater and through one comprehensive solution we can now offer a single repository for secure verified academic documents and digital badges alike.”  James Murray-Beckman, Chief Operating Officer, Digitary


Higher Ed Services manage My eQuals on behalf of the participating education providers. My eQuals is powered by Digitary and is the official platform of Australian and New Zealand Tertiary Education Providers, providing a nationally consistent solution for institutions and learners alike.

 About Higher Ed Services (HES)

Higher Ed Services is a professional services company of Universities Australia, fostering collaboration in Higher Education. HES was appointed by the ANZ universities as the managing organisation for the My eQuals initiative. To learn more, visit or

About Digitary

Digitary was launched in Dublin, Ireland in 2005, and has grown to become the leading online platform for certifying, sharing, and verifying academic credentials. Learner-centric since the very start, Digitary enables millions of learners to access their verified achievements and to share them with others securely, quickly, and easily. Digitary is now used by organisations in over 135 countries. For further details visit




My eQuals Program Director – Jay Segeth

Digitary COO – James Murray-Beckman


Catherine Stanley, Head of Marketing, Digitary