Introducing new Digitary CORE Lite

Apr 27, 2020


Provide continued service to students remotely

Certify and issue academic documents to learners – quickly and remotely!


Recently we have been engaging closely with the sector and working to help address some of the current operational challenges. In particular we are actively working to assist institutions with quick setup, cost-effective digital solutions to operate remotely during this time, and also to help facilitate continued service to students with minimal face to face interaction.


We have now launched Digitary CORE Lite, a lite-touch version of our distinguished Digitary CORE solution. Digitary CORE Lite takes the key solutions benefits of Digitary CORE that enables institutions to certify and issue original digital academic documents to learners, maintaining internal protocols around the control and release of documents and ensuring they are tamper-proof. A quick, non-integrated setup and managed customisation solution!


Digitary CORE Lite solution allows institutions to:

  • Issue original digital academic documents to learners
  • Maintain security, compliance and protocols
  • Quickly & efficiently enable remote academic service operations
  • Limit face to face interaction and office visits
  • Provide continued service to students remotely, immediately
  • Have multiple team members use and access simultaneously


If you need to operate and interact with your learners remotely, Digitary is here to help!


Contact us for more information about our Lite solution, email: