Dublin City University & Digitary

Aug 17, 2020

Dublin City University enhances recognition of learning with the use of Digitary’s Digital Badges Platform

Dublin City University (DCU) and Dublin-founded digital credentials pioneer Digitary, have announced a strategic partnership launching a new micro-credentialing initiative to recognise the learning of students. 

Micro-credentials are smaller units of assessed learning recognised by a digital badge or other forms of digital certification and they are seen to address the huge demands of upskilling and re-skilling required by both industry and employees. They provide many benefits to learners such as short lead-in times to certification, flexibility in learning, supporting the work/life balance and by providing skill provision in new and emerging areas within sectors and society. As part of this partnership DCU will issue Badges using Digitary’s Badges Platform. 

An important feature of the announcement is that many of DCU’s new micro-credentials can be stacked together, to realise greater and more focused learning within a particular competence or skill area. Learners will now have a single digital wallet that will include all of their official certificates, documents and the badges earned throughout their DCU learning journey. Additionally, learners will be able to easily share these credentials with third parties such as employers to meet their employment goals. 

Digitary is a world leader in digital certification of academic achievements, and a trusted provider of secure verified documents and data to learners, educational organisations, and employers globally. To date Digitary has issued over 4 million credentials and empowered more than 1.5 million learners worldwide.

The new initiative will complement and build upon DCU’s traditional academic award provision and enable learners to access their official credentials, in a single trusted repository powered by Digitary technology and to share these credentials with third parties to support career progression. 

DCU is home to the National Institute of Digital Learning (NIDL), recognised as a world leader at the forefront of research and the leading edge of new developments in digitally enhanced models of education including micro-credentials. Professor Mark Brown, Director of the National Institute of Digital Learning welcomed the announcement saying, 

We are delighted to further our partnership with Digitary to expand DCU’s commitment to deliver micro-credentialing solutions for learners and industry using new more flexible and stackable digital credentials. This strategic partnership enhances our leadership at the wider European level through the ECIU University initiative and our contribution to the new Skills Agenda for Europe to develop a European approach to micro-credentials.”

James Murray-Beckman, Chief Operating Officer, Digitary said, 

Digitary is honoured to extend our partnership with Dublin City University, integrating comprehensive and interoperable digital badging functionality into DCU’s implementation of Digitary’s Credentialing platform. We are thrilled to collaborate on such an important initiative to enhance the digital learning experience for all students.”


Prof Mark Brown, Director of the NIDL, DCU and Digitary Chief Operating Officer, James Murray-Beckman are available for media comment upon request

Media Enquiries

Catherine Stanley, Head of Marketing Digitary E: catherine.stanley@digitary.net

Claire Egan, Communications, DCU E: claire.egan@dcu.ie 

About DCU

Dublin City University is home to over 17,000 students and five campuses with three focused on academic matters (DCU Glasnevin, All Hallows, St Patrick’s); one dedicated to innovation (DCU Alpha) and the remaining campus to DCU Sport. DCU is regarded as one of the world’s leading young universities by virtue of its regular inclusion in the global rankings (QS Top 100 under 50; THE Top 100 under 50) and is among the top 20 globally for graduate employment. DCU has a strong commitment to research excellence and is home to a number of internationally-renowned research centres.

About Digitary

Digitary was launched in Dublin, Ireland in 2005, and has grown to become a leading online platform for certifying, sharing, and verifying academic credentials. Learner-centric since the very start, Digitary enables millions of learners to access their verified achievements and to share them with others securely, quickly, and easily. Digitary is now used by organisations in over 135 countries.