Enhancing Learner Mobility with SSI Webinar

Jun 5, 2020

Enhancing Learner Mobility with SSI

Using SSI to issue verifiable digital credentials and enhance learner mobility!

Digitary is always exploring new approaches to supporting learners on their onward lifelong learning journey. Distributed ledger technologies always offered much more promise in helping fulfil this dream and the evolution in both technology and philosophy around some of the key tenets of SSI has shown it to be the most compelling initiative to date. We continue our own journey in this exiting domain and are keen to share and also learn from others on similar discoveries.

Check out our recent webinar with our technology partners Evernym, where Digitary CTO Takis Diakoumis and COO James Murray-Beckman talk about our work using self-sovereign identity to issue Verifiable Digital Credentials and enhance learner mobility.


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