Recent MyCreds & Digitary By Parchment Initiatives

Sep 6, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, continuous learning has become more important than ever before. Not only are technological advancements happening at an accelerated pace, but they’re also anticipated to reshape millions of jobs over the next decade, according to the European Commission. Because of this, individuals need to keep themselves updated with the latest skills and knowledge to stay competitive in the job market. 

But, how can educational institutions and university registrars motivate students to pursue continuous learning when learners don’t see the immediate value in doing so? Read on to find out how organisations across the educational realm are using digital credentials to support and motivate students along their lifelong learning journeys.

IHEA Members Live on My Equals

In an age dominated by digital transformation, institutions, employers, and learners alike crave efficient, transparent, and secure solutions for education and credentialing. This is precisely what Digitary by Parchment and ARUCC (Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada) aim for when we refine and improve the MyCreds platform. Through our collaborative efforts, three new initiatives have been recently launched that are set to keep MyCreds as the number one choice for Canadian Institutions.

Virtual Skills Passport (Micro-Credentials Pilot)

With the growing importance of micro-credentials, the Ontario government funded a project to advance the development of micro-credentials in Ontario. The MyCreds Virtual Skills Passport pilot project was initiated to address this need and to support institutions in broadening their use of micro-credentials. 

In addition to expanding the adoption of micro-credentials by Ontario institutions, one of the key features of this pilot was to deliver the ability to issue W3C Verifiable Credentials into Digital Learner Wallets. But what does this mean for students and institutions? In essence, the platform now provides additional options for learners ready for the next wave of digital credential sharing. Learners can continue to securely share their documents using existing functionality but now also have the ability and autonomy to‌ hold proof of their documents in a secure digital wallet that can be verified without contact with MyCreds or the issuing institution. 

Nova Scotia’s Leap Towards Digital Transformation With MyCreds

Nova Scotia, a province known for its top-tier post-secondary institutions, took a monumental step forward in modernizing its academic infrastructure. Every public post-secondary institution in the province is now preparing to incorporate the MyCreds platform.

This implementation, facilitated through a collaborative effort with the Council of Nova Scotia University Presidents (CONSUP) and EduNova, is game-changing. It means that Nova Scotia has now equipped itself with a robust digital framework that will streamline processes like admissions, registrations, and graduations. Moreover, this system is geared to support students as they transition from their academic life into the workforce, providing a smoother, more integrated journey for all learners.

Introducing the Graduate Verification Service

One of the most critical aspects for both graduates and employers is the verification of academic credentials. In a world rife with misinformation, ensuring the authenticity of qualifications is paramount. Enter the Graduate Verification Service.

This new feature has been meticulously designed to offer recruiters and employers a straightforward method to confirm a learner’s official graduation status. Currently, institutions are busy inputting their graduation data, rigorously testing the service to guarantee accuracy and reliability. Once it’s publicly released under the name “MyCreds Verify”, this service will instill further trust in the digital credentialing system, bridging the gap between graduates and potential employers.

Embrace Innovation With Digitary by Parchment

The realm of education and credentialing is in constant flux, and to stay ahead, we must embrace innovation. The enhancements made to the MyCreds platform, thanks to the concerted efforts of Digitary by Parchment and ARUCC, are a testament to what collaboration and forward-thinking can achieve.

Are you an institution or employer keen to dive into the future of digital credentials? Discover more about how Digitary by Parchment can transform your educational experience and professional journey. Get in touch with us today to learn more!