New Digitary Badges

Apr 28, 2020


Badges are used to visually represent skills, knowledge and accomplishments!

New integrated Digitary Badges solution is officially launched!

The newly launched Digitary Badges integrates seamlessly with Digitary CORE and My eQuals platforms, providing a comprehensive learner-centric solution recording learners academic achievements.

Digitary Badges solution is available immediately worldwide to current customers and new customers alike. Digitary Badges offers institutions the ability to simply issue awards for short courses and skills-based assessments, and learners an additional opportunity to recognise and signal skills and expertise in a more granular and flexible way. This is another step towards Digitary’s goal in supporting global student mobility and helping graduates to standout when seeking employment.

Aligned with the Open Badges standard, Digitary Badges are a new type of digital credential introduced, expanding the suite of products and services currently offered by Digitary. Badges will be used to visually represent skills, knowledge and accomplishments. The badge itself is designed to properly capture and recognise all learning experiences and serve as a mechanism for learners to signal and articulate their achievements from formal “high-stakes” academic qualifications to more informal micro-credentials like co-curricular activities, online short courses and much more.

Learners can use Digitary Badges to receive and collect awarded badges. These badges sit alongside their formal qualifications inside their Digitary wallet. This enables learners to share their badges to demonstrate recognised achievements and capabilities, supporting both further study and their job applications, as well as the curation of a verified personal digital profile.

Digitary Badges is fully integrated into both the Digitary CORE credentialing platform and the my eQuals platform, which is powered by Digitary technology. My eQuals is the official credentialing platform of Australian and New Zealand Tertiary Education Providers that enables students and graduates to access digital versions of academic documents and share them with employers, education providers or other parties. Badges functionality is an exciting inclusion for all Digitary CORE and My eQuals institutions to support their micro-credentialing strategies, extending their digital services to students with this new integrative solution from Digitary.


“We are thrilled to launch Digitary Badges, combining secure online credentials in conjunction with Badges features and digital micro-credentials solutions.  Digitary Badges integrate seamlessly with both Digitary CORE and My eQuals platforms, enhancing the opportunity for our learners worldwide to have one comprehensive solution which supports their lifelong learning journey.” James Murray-Beckman, Chief Operating Officer @ Digitary


“The launch of Digitary Badges sets us off on an interoperable Learner Record journey, of which Open Badges are an important milestone. We move along the millions of learners we serve and bring with us the institutions we parter with to support global mobility – whether it is employment or education driven.” Simone Ravaioli, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Digital Credentials Guru @ Digitary


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