Enabling freedom through trust

Our secure cloud platform enables legitimate education providers to protect their reputations, reduce costs and
streamline administrative processes by embracing a modern, secure approach to certifying achievement online.

Institutions use Digitary’s standards-based technology to issue cryptographically signed, legally valid, digital academic records to Learners through Digitary’s globally trusted platform, Digitary CORE. Learners who receive credentials through Digitary CORE are free to share them securely with whoever they wish. Employers who receive Digitary-issued credentials can easily verify them online using Digitary’s secure verification service.

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Digitary CORE
Cloud Platform

Digitary Certified Online Record Exchange (CORE) is our secure cloud platform that helps learners around the world access and share their digitally signed academic documents online with employers, education providers, governments and other third parties.

With Digitary CORE:

  • Education Providers can reduce credential fraud by using secure digital technologies
  • Education Providers can reduce costs and streamline processes by enabling self-service for learners and employers
  • Learners can access their digitally certified academic records online
  • Learners can securely share their records with third parties, quickly and easily
  • Employers and others can quickly and easily verify learners’ academic records
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Personalised Dashboard
in Learner Portal

In Digitary’s Learner Portal, learners are in full control through our personalised, simple and easy to use dashboard. Learners have 24/7 access to all of their certified digital documents, from multiple providers.

From the Learner Portal dashboard, they can view, share, and monitor their documents in a few clicks. It couldn’t be easier.

Certified documents can be viewed in high definition, exactly as they appear on paper.

An unofficial copy can be printed for personal records or an official copy shared online. When sharing online, learners control who can access your document(s) and for how long. They can even see who accessed their documents and when or shut off access to any document, at any time.

No more long phone calls to request original paper documents, no more waiting for the post to arrive.

Digitary Badges

Our team has been busy implementing a suite of exciting new features for Digitary users, including:

Digitary Badges – a new digital credential to represent skills, knowledge, accomplishments and competencies.

At Digitary, we believe that all learning counts. To properly capture and recognise all learning experiences and in order to give learners appropriate tools to signal and articulate their achievements, we’ve introduced Digitary Badges aligned with the Open Badges standard.

Open Badges are visual, data-rich expressions of achievements, able to represent any learning experiences in a verifiable format – a standard digital credential technology globally adopted across the education and employment sectors.

Learners can use our Digital Badges to receive and collect awarded badges. This enables learners to share their badges to demonstrate recognised achievements and capabilities, supporting further study and employment applications.

Institutions can use Digitary Badges to align their academic strategies, enhancing the recognition of learner skills and capabilities. Institutions will have the freedom to award their learners, including students, graduates and alumni, supporting their digital lifelong learning journey. 

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DIGITARY VIA (Verified International Applicants)


DIGITARY VIA (Verified International Applicants) enables international applicants to obtain an independently verified digital record of their academic history.

Academic records are verified and evaluated by an internationally trusted, expert credential evaluation team.

Verified records are stored in their Digitary wallet, where applicants control the sharing of their records and can re-use them when applying for further study and/or employment.

What are the benefits for Applicants?

  • Enable your application to fast-track with verified digital academic records
  • Access your verified academic documents in your Digitary wallet anywhere, any time
  • Re-use for applications to other institutions and enhance employment opportunities
  • Evaluations for interim qualifications, updated with qualifications upon completion

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Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

The core principle around Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is the reaffirmation that individuals have complete ownership and control of their personal data and they alone govern how and when that personal information is shared.

Higher Education Institutes already issue different types of credentials containing all sorts of information, generally in the form of pieces of paper. Learners use them today to prove what they are studying and where along with that they have a certain qualification or exam result. They may also use them at other institutions, to further their learning or to apply for a job.

With digital verifiable credentials the data is now digital, highly secure, private, and vastly more useful in different online contexts.

Self-Sovereign Identity and the technological leap with early blockchain usage presents as a potentially very powerful solution, handing over ownership and control of learner credentials to learners themselves.

SSI enables the sharing of data in a new, controlled and trusted way.

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Digitary Orders is a new feature which enables learners to place an order requesting digital documents of their current and prior qualifications.

Learners are now able to place requests for digital documents of their current and prior learning qualifications. This capability is available through the Digitary Learner Portal and is supported by partnering institutions who are equipped to accept and fulfil these requests.

The capability allows institutions to support their learners, past and present, in acquiring their digital credentials through our streamlined document ordering mechanism, and for learners to fully maximise use of their documents.

Benefits include:


  • Streamlined order placement mechanism for learners to place requests for their documents
  • Once documents are fulfilled as part of the request, learners have the flexibility to share and reuse
  • Institutions have the flexibility to configure the type of requests that learners can place with them, and can effectively manage and coordinate document requests using the Digitary Organisation Portal

How Digital Verification Works

This short two minute video explains how Digitary helps organisations save time and money.

Digitary enables education institutions to certify, issue and verify academic qualifications, transcripts and parchments online.

Digitary enables millions of people to share their verified academic achievements online 24/7, securely, quickly and easily.

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