At Digitary, we strive to help learners tell their story, supported by verified digital credentials that demonstrate academic achievements and acquired skills.

By telling their best story, learners are empowered to pursue lifelong education, new employment horizons, help their community and stand out in an ever-evolving global market.

Focusing on learner outcomes is a key ingredient in Digitary’s product evolution – to help learners do more with their achievements. By better understanding their current challenges, we explore better ways towards solving these challenges.

That’s why we’ve created Digitary Badges, our exciting new digital badging solution!

What are Digital Badges?

Digital badges are flexible to recognise different forms of learning from traditional to non-traditional, formal to informal. Badges are easily adaptable to changing policies in the sector.

Digitary Badges enable institutions to award their learners and to fully capture and recognise all learning experiences. Learners can then use their badges to articulate their achievements and help with future employment and study applications.

A digital badge from Digitary equips education providers with the right recognition technology to support institutional micro-credentials strategies in conjunction with academic credentials awarded to learners.

Benefits of Digitary Badges

For Learners
Learners can be awarded badges based on their demonstrated skills and achievements, as recognised by their institutions. Learners are able to view their collection of badges in their backpack with the flexibility to share their badges with 3rd party recipients and platforms such as LinkedIn.

For Institutions
Institutions have the flexibility to craft and manage their catalogue of digital badges, aligned with their organisation’s strategic initiatives. The Digitary Badges platform enables institutions to easily award badges to their learners, including the ability for bulk awarding and revocation as required.

The use of digital badges in education is becoming increasingly popular. Digitary Badges integrates seamlessly with Digitary CORE, Digitary’s secure online credentials platform.

Digitary empowers learners by providing a trusted and accessible comprehensive solution to capture and recognise all learning experiences. Learners have the benefit of a single repository for academic documents and badges – all easily stored, managed and accessible, in one account.

Digitary Badges are powered by an open source digital badging platform. Open Badges 2.0 standard managed by the 1EdTech. This provides compatibility with any badges issued by other compliant platforms within the broader Open Badges ecosystem.


Digital Badges & Micro-credentials

“Open Badges are the credentialing technology to support your Micro-credential strategy”

As the traditional degree is being “unbundled”, new learning experiences or modules (often shorter and less formal) are being increasingly recognised as integral, self-contained, granular units of the learning journey.

These stackable, portable and self-sovereign assets are known as Micro-credentials. They are the new in-demand digital currency, particularly within the Higher Education sector.

Higher Education is adapting to learner-centricity by adopting micro-credentialing strategies, at the individual institution level (to issue/recognise) as well as at regulatory bodies (for badging frameworks).

Open Badges

This new micro-currency calls for adequate means to capture and transfer these assets to support international education – a flexible, sociable yet secure and widely-accepted Digital Credentialing Technology: Open Badges.

Digitary Badges is our way of supporting educational institutions micro-credentialing strategies and empowering learners throughout their non-traditional, lifelong learning journeys.

“Open Badges is a widely accepted learning recognition technology adopted across the education and employment market”

Stewarded by IMS Global, Open Badges are part of a vibrant ecosystem of Digital Credentials technologies that is supporting academic recognition, professional and personal development for global talent mobility.

The digital credential landscape is articulated through diverse stakeholder groups – Higher Education Institutions, Vendors, Standards Bodies and Regulatory Institutions, collectively interacting throughout the lifelong learning pathway.

“We are adding a Comprehensive and Interoperable credentialing technology to our platform”

Digitary’s leadership in supporting and advocating for interoperability and open standards across the globe is widely acknowledged in Higher Education – and backed by significant recognition for our contribution.

With the launch of Digitary Badges, we are adding a Comprehensive and Interoperable credentialing technology to our platform.

Open Badges are stepping stones toward emergent standards like the Verifiable Credentials (VC), Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) and the Interoperable Learner Record (ILR).

UWA is really excited to be implementing Digital Badges through My eQuals to formally recognise co-curricular and experiential learning activities of our students. My eQuals has transformed the way we certify and issue academic documents; and is extremely well-received by students, graduates and employers. UWA sees the opportunity to combine Digital Badges into our students My eQuals records, sitting alongside their official academic documents, as a natural progression of student recognition.

Di Regan-Roots, Senior Manager, Service Innovation and Performance  The University of Western Australia
Di Regan-Roots, Senior Manager, Service Innovation and Performance

As the first university to go live with My eQuals in 2017, The University of Auckland is proud to be a lead supporting institution of the platform, and excited to bring Digital Badges capabilities to our students through My eQuals. Digital badging provides an opportunity for our institution to recognise the achievements and accomplishments of students in a modern way. We expect to develop and issue badges across a number of themes, including: Achievement, Professional Development, Co-curricular experiences and Milestones. The first badges to be issued by The University of Auckland, will be Achievement badges to denote completion of a micro-credential.

Joanna Browne, Director Academic Services  The University of Auckland
Joanna Browne, Director Academic Services

Federation University is excited to be adding digital badging to My eQuals, providing our students with a one stop shop for their achievement during their studies to share with their networks and on their profiles. We look forward to releasing our first badges for existing programs in the near future and to releasing further badges as we continue to develop new strategic solutions to promote skills acquisition and in co-curricular and curricular micro-credentialing, that can be used as both standalone items or as part of a credit application for further studies.

Claire Shaw, University Registrar  Federation University
Claire Shaw, University Registrar


Our team is here to support and assist you and your institution in any way possible:

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  • Assist with institutions formulating their own strategies around micro-credentials and associated formal and non-formal learning for Badges application
  • Join our user-group sessions to collaborate on Badges developments and the evolution of digital badges in education

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