Creating digital trust

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Self-Sovereign Identity or SSI as it is commonly known enables the sharing of data in a new, controlled and trusted way.


Digital Trust

The core principle around self-sovereign identity (SSI) is the reaffirmation that individuals have complete ownership and control of their personal data and they alone govern how and when that information is shared.

Self-Sovereign Identity is the approach to data management that moves personally identifiable information (PII) out of centralised organisational databases and into the privacy of a consumer’s cryptographically-secured digital wallet app.

Using distributed ledger technology and pairwise connections, the data can then be verified by universities and other trusted institutions and selectively shared with employers and other organisations. The result is less credential fraud, better security, increased user control, and improved data protection.


What are the benefits?

Utilising pivotal new technology and investing in capabilities that will allow ownership of identity data to remain in the hands of its rightful owner are at the forefront of Digitary’s vision. Digitary is committed to continuing our learner-centric approach in a progressive and collaborative manner, reflective of the dynamic and complex digital ecosystems around the globe.

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