Digitary CORE (Certified Online Records Exchange) is a secure online platform that enables the world’s leading institutions, learners, employers and government agencies to certify, issue, accept and verify academic credentials worldwide. Digitary enables millions of people to share their digital credentials online, securely, quickly and easily.

With Digitary CORE:

  • Learners can access their digitally certified transcripts and documents online
  • Learners can securely share their records with third parties, quickly and easily
  • Education Providers can help reduce credential fraud by using secure digital technologies
  • Education Providers can reduce costs and streamline processes by enabling self-service for learners and employers
  • Employers and others can quickly and easily verify learners’ academic records

Benefits of Digitary CORE


Learners (including students, graduates and alumni) can access their academic documents via Digitary’s secure web platform. Using Digitary, learners can manage and share their documents with anyone in a safe and secure manner.

With Digitary CORE, you can:

  • Access your academic documents, anytime, anywhere
  • Monitor and control access to your documents
  • Share your documents via the web and on social networks like LinkedIn
  • Order your documents from participating institutions
  • Manage your documents in your secure digital wallet


Institutions use Digitary to certify and issue transcripts, parchments and other official documents in secure digital formats. These documents are made available to learners in Digitary’s 100% self-service ecosystem, which enhances their University experience.

With Digitary CORE, you can:

  • Support sustainable practices
  • Help reduce credential fraud
  • Improve issuing of academic documents
  • Comply with local security and data protection requirements
  • Integrate seamlessly with a variety of existing networks and platforms



Digitary provides instant online verification for records that are shared through our platform by learners. This enables employers and other receivers or verification agents to validate credentials quickly and easily.

With Digitary CORE, you can:

  • Verify academic records quickly and easily with learner consent
  • Benefit from immediate verification of digital academic records
  • Use enhanced functionality like API integration for Admission officers and volume recruiters
  • Reduce document verification costs and access networks across China, North America, Europe and the UK


What does CORE stand for?

CORE stands for Certified Online Records Exchange and is Digitary’s secure online platform.

What are the main reasons for using Digitary CORE platform?

Digitary CORE offers a broad range of benefits from enabling learners to access certified academic records online and view digitally certified degrees certificates. Learners can then share digitally signed academic documents online to help with their study and employment applications. Institutions can benefit from having access to certified digital documents, knowing academic records verification has already been completed by a trusted team of expert credential evaluators. Receiving organisations can access certified digital documents and receive verified digital academic records which can help save time and money.

Why should learners use Digitary CORE?

Learners can verify academic credentials, receive digital academic records into their digital wallet and benefit from 24/7 access to certified digital documents in their Digitary CORE account. Learners can access academic records and access transcripts online, share verified degrees, share academic documents with employers or use for future study and job applications. Boost your chances for employment success with verified academic credentials!

I'd like to know more about Digitary CORE?

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I'd like to talk to someone about Digitary CORE, who can I contact?

Please contact our team via email at: hello@digitary.net and we will be happy to assist you.

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