DIGITARY VIA (Verified International Applicants)

Discover a game-changing solution for your institution’s international admissions process with Parchment Digitary – Verified International Applicants (VIA). Streamline and enhance your evaluation procedures, attracting top global talent effortlessly. Unlock a world of possibilities!

Key Features of Parchment Digitary – VIA

Effortless Verification

Digitary VIA simplifies the verification process for international applicants’ credentials. Utilizing advanced technology, it ensures the authenticity and integrity of documents, saving time and resources for your admissions team.

Secure Document Sharing

With Digitary VIA, international applicants can securely upload and share their academic transcripts and supporting documents directly with your institution. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that sensitive information is protected within a robust and encrypted platform.

Enhanced Evaluation

Evaluate international applicants more effectively with comprehensive digital portfolios that include verified credentials, language proficiency certificates, and additional supporting materials. Gain a holistic understanding of each candidate, enabling informed admissions decisions.

“Engineers Ireland has greatly benefited from the Parchment Digitary – VIA solution. The streamlined verification process and secure document sharing capabilities have transformed how we assess international engineering qualifications. The accuracy, reliability, and ease of use have exceeded our expectations, enabling us to make informed decisions with confidence.”

 – Engineers Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How secure is the document sharing process with Digitary VIA?

The security of your applicants’ documents is our top priority. Digitary VIA utilizes industry-leading encryption protocols to ensure the privacy and integrity of all shared files. Rest assured that sensitive information remains confidential throughout the evaluation process.

Can Digitary VIA integrate with our existing admissions systems?

Yes! Digitary VIA offers seamless integration with various admissions systems, enabling a smooth and efficient workflow. Our technical support team will work closely with your institution to ensure a seamless integration experience.

How does Digitary VIA streamline the evaluation process?

Digitary VIA automates several manual processes, such as document verification and transcript evaluation, allowing your admissions team to focus on assessing applicant qualifications rather than tedious administrative tasks. The intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it easy to navigate and extract relevant information efficiently.

Ready to enhance your international admissions process?

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