Orders is a feature on the Digitary platform which enables learners to place an order requesting digital documents of their current and prior qualifications.


Learners are now able to place requests for digital documents of their current and prior learning qualifications.

This capability is available through the Digitary Learner Portal and is supported by partnering institutions who are equipped to accept and fulfil these requests..


The Orders capability allows institutions to support their learners – past and present.

In acquiring their digital credentials through our streamlined document ordering mechanism, it promotes the opportunity for learners to fully maximise use of their documents.

What are the benefits?

Benefits include:

  • Streamlined order placement mechanism for learners to place requests for their documents
  • Once documents are fulfilled as part of the request, learners have the flexibility to share and reuse them
  • Institutions have the flexibility to configure the type of requests that learners can place with them, and can effectively manage and coordinate document requests using the Digitary Organisation Portal.

Learn more about the Orders capability for institutions available through the Digitary platform.

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