Complex, scaled projects on time and on budget

Our team has the proven experience and know-how to deliver large, multi-site, national projects at scale, on time and on budget.

We have delivered the largest roll-outs of digital credentialing platforms in the world.

We have delivered our platform for leading universities in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK.

The major universities that we have worked with say that our approach is real, practical, expert and human.

Australian Flag New Zealand Flag My eQuals

Delivered on-time and on budget to 47 Unis

Following an extensive international tendering process, Digitary was selected as the technology provider for My eQuals, an online digital credentialing platform serving all 47 publicly-funded Universities in Australia and New Zealand.

Delivered by Digitary on time and within budget, and powered by the Digitary CORE platform, My eQuals has made an enormous impact on millions of learners in Australia and New Zealand who now enjoy immediate, self-service access to their verified digital degrees, transcripts, and other official records.

My eQuals is managed by Higher Ed Services (HES) on behalf of participating Universities.

Australian Flag New Zealand Flag My eQuals Digital Badges

Digital Badges for My eQuals participants

Higher Ed Services (HES) and Digitary are empowering My eQuals participating education providers across Australia and New Zealand with badges capability for recognition of micro-credentials. All My eQuals participants will be able to adopt the new badges feature and issue digital badges to their learners. Badges are typically associated with micro-credentials that are increasingly being issued to learners in addition to traditional degree offerings. The new badges feature allows learners to access all official credentials in a single portal, and share these credentials with third parties for further study and employment.


Streamlining admissions process for top US Unis.

In partnership with CollegeNET Inc. and Educational Perspectives, Digitary powers the CertiFile® service, enabling top US schools to receive verified academic credentials for inbound international applicants, regardless of where in the world they have studied.

Launched in 2018, following a successful pilot with Stanford University, over 20 US Universities are now using CertiFile® to receive verified documents from over 80 countries around the world. Verified records are pushed directly into the school’s systems, streamlining the admissions process.

ARUCC National Network

ARUCC partners with Digitary to build Canadian National Network

The Association of the Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC) has chosen Digitary as the solution provider for the Made for Canada National Network. This initiative means the Canadian higher education community is creating the very first online platform and national credential wallet for post-secondary learners. Once fully operational, the Network will enable 3 million learners across the country to access and share their official digitized post-secondary transcripts and credentials online – anytime, anywhere.

For more information, please contact our enquiry lead here.

ARUCC National Network for Canada

National digital credentials platform rollout continues

University of Lethbridge has onboarded to the new MyCreds™ | MesCertif™ credential wallet platform – the new official nationwide digital credentials platform owned by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC).

The University of Lethbridge, located in Alberta, officially joined ARUCC’s National Network called MyCreds™ | MesCertif™, proudly powered by Digitary technology. 

MyCreds™ | MesCertif™ provides post-secondary learners across Canada with access to digitized and portable transcripts, badges, micro-credentials and credentials online – anytime, anywhere. The rollout of the new platform continues nationwide. Read more about the ARUCC National Network.


Delivering 100% coverage for China

In 2015, Digitary, in partnership with the Center for Student Services and Development, Ministry of Education, P. R. China (CSSD), successfully integrated their respective technology platforms. Now, all Chinese students and graduates can share their verified Chinese transcripts, qualification certificates, and GAOKAO scores with Digitary-enabled education providers. Education providers who use Digitary CORE can receive these verified records as English-translated PDF documents in a consistent format, with accompanying XML data for machine readability.

For more information, please contact our enquiry lead here.

Ireland HE Goes Digital

Sector-wide success in Ireland

In 2007, Irish Institutes of Technology (IoTs) chose Digitary’s Classic platform to implement their digital European Diploma Supplement (EDS) across all 14 IoTs. A world first for sector-wide digital credentialing, Digitary delivered the entire programme on time and on budget, realising significant efficiencies for participating IoTs in their implementation of the EDS.

In 2016, Digitary was again chosen, following a competitive process, to implement a cloud-based digital credentialing system, this time using Digitary’s CORE platform. Today, Irish IoTs enjoy extended use of Digitary CORE for a wider variety of documents including transcripts, EDS, and grade mailers.

Read about Digitary CORE


Through our existing customer base and integration with partners in the global standards body, like Groningen Declaration Network (GDN) and the Post Secondary Electronics Council (PESC), we facilitate international connectivity between educational institutions who want to certify and exchange digital credentials online.  GDN was formally established in 2012 to develop best practices and internationally accepted standards for secure, citizen centred, sharing of educational data. Digitary was among the first signatories. See:

The Post Secondary Electronics Council (PESC) is an open standards-development and open standards-setting body. Digitary has taken the lead in developing EdExchange. EdExchange is a data exchange service offered and operated by PESC that enables a directory ‘look up’ server or ‘platform’ through which North American institutions, vendors, service and data providers exchange consenting data across electronically.