Streamlining the way for International Applicants with Digital Credentials

May 27, 2021

RMIT and Digitary are excited to announce the introduction of Digitary VIA alongside Medibank OSHC (overseas student health care), as an extension of the grant that is now open for new commencing international students in Semester 2 2021!

The grant encompasses great benefits for international students applying to RMIT by helping fund some of the fundamental requirements that international applicants would otherwise need to incur. This includes a one-year singles Medibank OSHC comprehensive insurance on student visa, and now includes a Digitary VIA (Verified International Applicants) account that will enable international applicants to obtain an independently verified digital record of their academic history to support their application to RMIT.

With Digitary VIA, an international student can benefit from the service by having their prior academic records independently verified at source by an expert credential evaluation team. Verified records are digitally provisioned through the secure and trusted Digitary platform, along with a certification report in English, helping convert any non-English academic documents for greater benefit. International applicants can have their records shared directly to RMIT to satisfy the certified documents condition on application, whilst being able to retain their Digitary wallet for unlimited access and re-use as they wish for other applications, such as further learning and employment opportunities.

Whilst providing applicants with an ongoing benefit of a digital account of their verified prior academic records, the service will provide RMIT with a digital solution to ensuring fraud prevention and streamline the application process with structured data document formats enabling efficiencies in assessments. For further details visit the OSHC and Digitary VIA Grant page on the RMIT website.


“We are pleased to extend our grant offer for RMIT’s international applicants to now include Digitary VIA and assist them during what has been a challenging time for international education” says Jodie Altan, Director Global Student Recruitment at RMIT.

“We expect this grant will assist in providing funded support for applicants to not only make their application process more efficient but will also return an ongoing benefit by providing them with a Digitary account of their verified academic records that they can use in the future, anywhere, anytime. Digital verifiable credentials is becoming more important for Admissions and Compliance teams at universities, we at RMIT are proud to be at the forefront and ensuring the applicant experience can be maximised.”


“Digitary is really excited to partner with RMIT in assisting international applicants obtaining their verified academic records and establishing a Digitary account as part of their application” says Daniel Hibbert, Commercial Director at Digitary.

“We appreciate that learners with paper-based academic records are often requested to get verifications completed and English translations, which can be quite costly, time consuming and potentially unable to be re-used if done for a specific application. Through Digitary VIA, the learner can keep a digital record of their prior academic qualifications in a Digitary wallet that can be accessed and shared online with security and trust. By partnering with RMIT and aligning with Medibank’s OSHC comprehensive insurance, we are proud to help enable the passage of international applicants into RMIT and continue to provide an ongoing benefit with data-rich digital credentials.”


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RMIT Assistant Director, Pathways and Operations – Paula Soon
Digitary Commercial Director – Daniel Hibbert


Marni MacGilp, Marketing Manager, Digitary