Secure Online Access For Learners

Digitary gives learners the freedom and flexibility to access and share their verified academic achievements online 24/7, securely, quickly and easily with employers, admissions offices and government agencies around the world.

Access your official academic documents immediately, rather than waiting weeks for paper originals to arrive.

Share your documents, without postage costs. Feel confident that your academic documents and transcripts are securely held in one place for as long as you want. Digitary takes the hassle out of receiving and providing your official academic documents, giving you greater levels of control in a self-service online environment. Click below to log into your Learner Portal or to ask for support:

Your Dashboard

With our simple and easy to use dashboard, you have 24/7 access to all of your certified digital documents, from multiple providers.

From here, you can view, share, and monitor your documents in a few clicks.

It couldn’t be easier. No more long phone calls to request original paper documents, no more waiting for the post to arrive.

Store, manage and share all of your academic credentials from one place, whenever you need them.

Your Documents

With Digitary CORE, you are in full control.

Access your certified documents 24/7 and view them in high definition exactly as they appear on paper.

Print an unofficial copy for your own records or share an official copy online. 

When sharing online, you control who can access your document(s) and for how long.

You can also view who accessed your documents and when or shut off access to any document, at any time.

Share anywhere

You can share a link to your degree certificates or other documents in two clicks – perfect for showing off your credentials on your social pages!

Sharing documents online is as easy as sending an email, and more secure than sending paper by post.

Advanced sharing allows you to attach your certified documents to the online application forms at participating education providers, right from inside the application form!

Ask your education provider if they use Digitary and how you can get your certificates and transcripts online.

Social Share

Connect your Digitary account with your LinkedIn, Facebook and Google accounts to login with any of those platforms.

Remove the hassle of remembering multiple password and email combinations and connect your accounts today in seconds. We do not share any posts or documents with LinkedIn, Facebook or Google.   

You can choose to share your documents where and when you want using our link sharing feature.


Digitary is trusted by the world’s leading education providers to issue digitally verified degree certificates, transcripts, and other records to learners online using standards-compliant digital signature technology. By embracing Digitary, institutions can help eliminate credential fraud, reduce costs, and streamline administrative processes by enabling 100% self-service for learners and employers.

By signing up with Digitary, institutions become an integral part of the globally trusted Digitary network, enabling them to also receive verified digital credentials from inbound applicants and to transform their admissions workflows.

To find out more, please contact our enquiry lead here.

Issue Digital Credentials

Our admin dashboard allows you to issue thousands of customised digital certificates, transcripts, and other documents in minutes. Students and graduates can access, share and authenticate their documents online.

Our ultra-efficient, self-service model can save up to 82% of your administrative time, virtually eliminating your need to service inbound requests!

Receive Digital Credentials

Receive verified digital academic records from 100% of Chinese applicants, directly from the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Receive from all other countries through our online service. Your admissions staff no longer need to process and verify applicant’s paper credentials.

Maximum Security

Our system utilises advanced cryptographic hardware, dual factor smartphone authentication and next generation digital signature technology.

We use banking level security to produce and sign digital documents that meet the most stringent international legal standards.

A unique, hands-off cryptographic upgrade process gives documents long-term security so that they remain secure for a person’s lifetime. Meet your obligations for data protection and information security by choosing Digitary.

System Integration

You choose where your student data is stored – on-site, with your hosting partner, or on Digitary’s encrypted cloud servers.

Digitary CORE is agnostic of your student information system and can integrate with any third-party or home brewed solution using web services. Digitary CORE accepts existing PDF documents, or XML data.

With nearly two decades in business, we have vast implementation and deployment experience in a variety of technology environments. If you have questions about deployment or integration, please contact us.

Third Party Verification

Thousands of employers, education providers and government agencies in over 135 countries trust Digitary to verify the authenticity of learners’ degrees, transcripts and other academic documents.

Verification is simple, secure, and GDPR (data privacy and protection) compliant – as all verification requires the explicit Learner consent. We provide a range of verification options for high-volume recipients – from a simple online inbox to sophisticated API integration.

For more information, please contact our enquiry lead here.

One-click verification

Verifying somebody’s credentials can be a slow and time consuming process, particularly if you need to contact individual universities for verification.

Digitary provides hassle-free, one-click verification of digital academic records in real time, and with the full consent of the owner.

For more information, please contact our enquiry lead here.

Volume users

Volume recruiters, screening agents, and admissions offices can avail of Digitary’s online inbox service to receive credentials.

Applicants with Digitary-enabled credentials can push their records directly to your inbox, where you can search, sort, view and tag your received records according to your own business rules. If you prefer, Digitary’s APIs can be used to route documents directly into your legacy systems.

For more information, please contact our enquiry lead here.

Credential Attachment API

Would you like to be able to seamlessly accept pre-verified credentials as part of your online application processes?

Digitary provides an enhanced API to enable organisations to accept verified credential documents for attachment into online applications for employment and further study.

For more information, please contact our enquiry lead here.